Secure Freedom Minute: Iran is Killing Us – Welcome to Obama-Biden’s Middle East


Iran-controlled jihadists have just killed and injured thirty American troops based in Jordan. This attack is but the latest in the escalating violence engineered by Tehran and carried out by  its proxies to provide minimal “plausible deniability” for the mullahs – and their friends and, yes, agents inside the Biden administration.

So, when President Biden says we’ll hold the perpetrators accountable and respond at a time and manner of our choosing, what he means is we will continue to pretend Iran is not responsible and mete out minimal punishment to some of its expendable surrogates.

Welcome to the Middle East the three Obama-Biden administrations have labored to construct – characterized by Iranian hegemony and U.S. impotence. Brace for more aggression against us and our dwindling number of friends,  fueled by the ayatollahs’ imminent – if not actual – nuclear weapons capability that our government has enabled.  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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