Secure Freedom Minute: Joe Biden Supports Election Deniers – in Israel


Last night, Joe Biden reprised in the Capitol the false narrative that election deniers brought us an insurrection aimed at overthrowing our government.  

The President neglected to mention that his administration is simultaneously intervening in Israel to support leftists denying the results of the election that brought Bibi Netanyahu back to power with a mandate to reform an unaccountable and anti-democratic judiciary.

Neither did he acknowledge that those leftists are now openly calling for “civil war,” the overthrow of the Israeli government, and even the assassination of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Center for Security Policy briefing yesterday revealed that Team Biden is threatening to abandon the Jewish State to a nuclear Iran unless Netanyahu reneges on his commitment to Israeli voters to restore historic limitations on the power of their supreme court.

Democracy needs accountable government in Israel – and here.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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