Secure Freedom Minute: Join the Intervention to Save America’s Military


If addicts are blessed, or simply lucky, people who love them will organize a life-saving intervention. Our informal Save America’s Military Coalition intervened yesterday to expose, and help counter the effects of, toxic Marxist “Kool-Aid” many in our armed forces have gotten hooked on by the three Obama-Biden administrations.

Twenty prominent veterans and other patriots conducted a telethon originally intended to encourage the U.S. Senate to understand – and address the damage being done to – the military’s readiness, morale and deterrence capabilities by so-called “woke” officers like General C.Q. Brown, the recently confirmed incoming Joint Chiefs Chairman.

It turns out the Senate itself needs an intervention. All other things being equal, senators seem likely to agree to the promotions of other champions of cultural Marxist divide-and-conquer strategies like Critical Race Theory and Diversity- Equity-Inclusion. 

Join us in intervening at

This is Frank Gaffney.

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