Secure Freedom Minute: Kill ”The Omnivorous”


In a classic example of why the American people distrust, if not actually loathe their so-called “representatives” in Washington, a Congress that no longer has a mandate to represent anybody is about to foist upon its successor, and the rest of us, a monster.
The bipartisan congressional leadership call this 4,000-page, nearly two trillion dollar legislation “The Omnibus.” It’s
actually “The Omnivorous” – for its unsustainable spending, its radical leftist policies and other mandates will consume
everything in sight: Our national creditworthiness. The dollar’s reserve status. 2020 voters’ preferences. And our surviving constitutional freedoms. 
The collusion of the political establishment’s radical leftist Democrats and controlled-opposition Republicans have brought us this disaster. Those who actually represent us must use every tactic possible to ensure there’s no “long-term” spending bill until after a new Congress is seated in thirteen days.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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