Secure Freedom Minute: Meet Your New Doctor


Meet your new doctor. His name is Tedros Ghebreyesus. 

If you like your present physician, or simply don’t want someone without an M.D. making critical decisions about how your personal health is managed, brace yourself. In just 12 short weeks, a Marxist bureaucrat from Ethiopia selected by the Chinese Communists to run the World Health Organization, will be empowered to dictate what medicines you can use to treat any conditions he deems to be public health emergencies.

Dr. Tedros had only advisory authority during COVID-19. His advice proved disastrously bad. 

Now, the Biden administration is secretly working to give the WHO’s Director-General the authority to compel you to obey his prescriptions. If we don’t stop them before May 27th, all of us will be surrendering our personal medical freedom – and national sovereignty – to Dr. Tedros. 

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This is Frank Gaffney.

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