Secure Freedom Minute: Neil Shen Helps End ”Peace Through Strength”


We got another rude awakening this week about the threat posed to us by the Chinese Communist Party. An Australian think tank revealed the CCP has a “stunning lead” over the United States in the development of 37 out of 44 advanced technologies, many of which have direct military applications.

Kiss goodbye to the “qualitative edge” our armed forces have long relied upon to offset larger numbers of military personnel and weaponry fielded by foreign adversaries. Farewell to “peace through strength.”

Among those responsible for this ominous change in the “correlation of forces” is America’s top venture capitalist, Sequoia’s Neil Shen, who we’ve just learned works directly for the Chinese government in helping it finance and acquire our best technology. 

That must end.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

Please read The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party & Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World.

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