Secure Freedom Minute: Obama-Biden’s Appeasement Begets World War III


The United States finally responded yesterday to weeks of attacks on international and our shipping by terrorist proxies of Iran in Yemen. That’s the predictable result of the three Obama-Biden administrations’ failed policies that have appeased the mullahs of Tehran and rewarded, rather than punished, their intensifying aggression.

Notably, one of Joe Biden’s first acts as president was the unjustified delisting as a terrorist organization of the so-called “Houthi rebels” against whom the U.S. and U.K. just retaliated. In doing so, he boasted, “Diplomacy is back.” 

What actually came back was the Obama-Biden team’s submission to Iran and its enabler, the Chinese Communist Party. Xi Jinping’s strategic arson in the Mideast is now further distracting and entangling us there as the CCP dictator prepares for his own aggression towards Taiwan and pyromania here at home.

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