With Rep. Barry Loudermilk, Dede Laugesen and Brandon Showalter

By Tim

REP. BARRY LOUDERMILK, Representative (R-GA 11th District)

  • Law enforcement’s “role” in January 6
  • Analyzing the available video footage from January 6
  • Were some police officers “suppressed” during the protest?
  • “Substantive” changes in people’s testimony on what they witnesses on January 6

DEDE LAUGESEN, Executive Director, Save the Persecuted Christians

  • The United States’ role in tracking religious freedom violations around the world
  • What countries are on the U.S. “special watchlist” for religious violations?
  • Is Antony Blinken doing his job with respect to tracking these violations?
  • Laugesen’s personal experience visiting villages where Christians are being persecuted in Africa

BRANDON SHOWALTER, Journalist and Podcaster with the Christian Post

  • What is “gender identity”?
  • How the gender identity movement is producing a “medical scandal”
  • Are individuals and organizations profiting from this movement?