Secure Freedom Minute: ”Othering” Christians – A Precursor to Their Persecution Here?


“White supremacists,” veterans, constitutionalists, militia members, school board-protesting parents and other patriots move over. Team Biden has a new internal enemy. It’s now warning that so-called “Christian Nationalists” are suspected of being potential violent extremists.

A chilling webinar last week addressing the “Demonization of America’s Christians” made plain that what is afoot is nothing less than the “othering” of those who follow Jesus. And people like former Trump strategist Steve Bannon who encourage their engagement in political life are being portrayed as ominously “summoning an army” that is somehow a threat to our nation.

Author Don Hanle says the process of othering entails: vilifying a group; dehumanizing its members; stripping them of rights; and, inexorably, subjecting them to violent persecution. This is happening to 360 million Christians elsewhere. It must not be allowed to happen here.


This is Frank Gaffney.





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