Secure Freedom Minute: Paris Is Burning


In 1944, Adolf Hitler ordered his army to torch Paris rather than let the city be liberated intact. As it became clear he was being disobeyed, the Nazi dictator frantically demanded to know, “Is Paris burning?” 

Thankfully, it wasn’t then. But the capital of France is burning today, at the hands of adherents to another totalitarian ideology – best described as Sharia-supremacism – who now occupy hundreds of “no-go” zones across the country. 

And it is not just Paris that is in flames. In recent days, jihadists have taken to the streets in city after city, ostensibly to protest the killing of a Muslim youth by police during a traffic stop. 

The uprisings may prove, however, to be the start of a civil war that unassimilable Islamist immigrants’ have long aspired to launch in France  and far beyond. Think “Summer of Love” on steroids.

This is Frank Gaffney.


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