Secure Freedom Minute: Public Service at Regent U – Truth-telling About Election Integrity

Secure Freedom Minute

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has long courageously championed our constitutional Republic. But, today may see her finest hour as the host of a Regent University webinar on election integrity.

The program will enable, at last, an informed public review of the evidence of electoral grand larceny in the last presidential race. Participants include: Dr. Ben Carson, Mark Steyn and official and private sector election experts.

Today’s webinar will not only expose fatal flaws in a past election. The speakers will also illuminate how pending Senate legislation would codify and impose nationally the 2020 race’s myriad procedural defects, precluding free and fair elections from now on.

Catch the webinar at Then, tell your Senators how you feel about S.1, legislation that would ensure every future election is compromised like the 2020 one.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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