Secure Freedom Minute: Punish Putin, Not American Energy Consumers


A plausible argument can be made that environmental zealots like Greta Thunberg, the poster-girl of a Children’s Crusade aimed at weaning the world off fossil fuels, helped create today’s soaring energy prices. Western nations are contemplating intensifying this crisis by ending imports from the principal beneficiary of such “green” activism – and one of its sponsors, Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Such a cut-off could actually advance the “Green New Deal” agenda – namely, making oil, natural gas and their by-products prohibitively expensive. If the predictable economic train-wreck that would follow is to be avoided, sources and quantities of supply in Europe and here are going to have to be greatly diversified and expanded. Read, reversing virtually all of Joe Biden’s ideologically driven energy policies.

That includes avoiding creating new – and perilous – supply chain dependencies on Communist China for so-called “renewable” solar, wind and battery technologies.

This is Frank Gaffney.                        

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