Secure Freedom Minute: Ray Epps Day


Today, Joe Biden will mark the anniversary of January 6, 2021 by honoring people he calls “heroes.” They include Capitol Police officers on duty during the so-called “insurrection” there and others not present but who served a similar purpose – namely, helping Mr. Biden secure the presidency.

Curiously, a man who appears to have played such a role decisively is not among today’s honorees. His name is Ray Epps and he was not only captured on film on both January 5th and 6th insisting that the crowd had to “go into the Capitol.” He claims to have “orchestrated” that happening.

Epps has also been studiously ignored by the FBI and prosecutors when others who simply did what he directed have languished in jail for two years. How about we recognize his service to the Biden presidency by henceforth calling this “Ray Epps Day”?


This is Frank Gaffney.

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