Secure Freedom Minute: Reject ”the Not Defending America Act” (NDAA)


Four decades ago, I worked with the Senate Armed Services Committee, including three years as a member of its professional staff. At the time, national security-minded Senators like my bosses, Democrat “Scoop” Jackson and Republican Chairman John Tower, ensured that the panel advanced the practice Ronald Reagan described as “peace through strength.”

These days, the SASC, as it is known on Capitol Hill, has become an enabler of Obama-Biden 3.0’s Marxist make-over of the U.S. military. 

Notably, the Committee has utterly failed to challenge – let alone block – the promotions of officers who embrace: cultural Marxist indoctrination, “diversity” over merit, and radical social and sexual engineering. Now, the SASC has agreed with an acquiescent House leadership to a National Defense Authorization Act so deficient that its acronym, NDAA, more aptly fits a “Not Defending America Act.” 

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This is Frank Gaffney.

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