Secure Freedom Minute: Rep. Bachmann Exposes the Xi-Biden ”Global Governance” Gambit


Representative Michele Bachmann may no longer be in the U.S. Congress, but today she is serving our country far more capably than all but a handful of those who are.

For the past week, Ms. Bachmann has been forward-deployed in Geneva, Switzerland where she is monitoring the most ambitious element of the Biden administration’s multifaceted “wrecking operation” against our country. What she has witnessed firsthand should strike fear – and fury – in the hearts of every American patriot.

Geneva hosts the World Health Organization and other international institutions that, along with their principal master, the Chinese Communist Party, seek “global governance.” They’re pursuing the end of national sovereignty and, as a practical matter, that of our constitutional Republic and freedoms.

Michele Bachmann and the rest of our Sovereignty Coalition are determined to prevent that betrayal of America. Stand with us now at

This is Frank Gaffney.

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