Secure Freedom Minute: Stop U.S. Enabling of CCP Belligerence


Predictably, the Chinese Communist Party has responded to Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s meeting last week with Taiwan’s president by conducting increasingly aggressive military drills and other preparations for a shooting war. 

Even as that prospect continues to grow, American “friends of China” continue irresponsibly and recklessly to enable the CCP to inflict harm on us in the event of conflict. A prime example is Wall Street’s ongoing practice of investing our pension plans, mutual funds, etc. in Communist Chinese companies – even though, in the event of a conflict, every dime would surely be lost.

Then, there’s travesties like the Governor of Michigan giving an explicitly CCP corporation called Gotion $700 million in subsidies to purchase – and, inevitably, despoil – pristine land in the state’s heartland without any regard for the national security risks.

We need a war-footing, not more of such suicidal behavior. 

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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