Secure Freedom Minute: The Cancer Afflicting Team Biden


Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s bizarre, no-notice absence- without-leave turns out to have been a result of his treatment for cancer. Revelations that he was off the job for the better part of a week and no one noticed, though, are but the latest evidence of Team Biden’s dangerously metastasizing dysfunctionality 

Enemies like Iran, Russia and especially Communist China are increasingly emboldened by the Biden administration’s unwillingness to challenge, let alone meaningfully punish, their aggression. Friends like Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan are increasingly on their own, if not actually being undermined by feckless U.S. diplomacy and declining military power.

In the absence, literally and figuratively, of effective Pentagon leadership, we’re left with a weak National Security Council and even more hapless State Department mismanaging our national security policy. We need tested, robust and competent warriors in charge, now.  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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