Secure Freedom Minute: The Chinese Military is Invading America


Retired special operator and Army Colonel John Mills is among the latest to warn that military-age, unaccompanied Chinese males pouring across our borders are People’s Liberation Army personnel.

According to Butler County Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones, the National Sheriffs Association meeting last week featured briefings indicating they’re coming here to sow chaos. His conclusion is that “We’re under attack.” 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is facilitating the entry of more Chinese men into our country and the U.S. Senate is refusing to join the House of Representatives in actually securing our border. With some Republican support, the Senate’s Democrats are intent on pouring sixty billion more into Ukraine, while ignoring the fact that our own nation is literally being invaded. 

Those responsible for such malfeasance will ultimately be held accountable. But how many of us will pay with our lives before that happens? 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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