Secure Freedom Minute: The Fire Next Time – Beware ”Smart Maui”


You don’t have to embrace conspiracy theories about how a lot of Maui just burned up to feel uneasy about plans the state government of Hawaii had for the island before the fire. A Hawaii Digital Government Summit scheduled for next month in Maui, suggests Governor Josh Green and his subordinates envision it becoming a Smart Island.

The word “Smart” these days actually means “Control.” Smart Meters, Smart Appliances, Smart Cities, and most especially Smart Medical Cards, Vaccine Passports and other IDs, are means of turning over data, and ultimately decisions about your life, to somebody else. Inevitably, that will mean the government.

If fundamentally transforming a tropical paradise into a digital gulag repels you, brace for what the “Smart People” behind giving the World Health Organization dictatorial powers have in mind for all of us. 

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This is Frank Gaffney. 

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