With Shoshana Bryen and Trevor Loudon

By Tim

SHOSHANA BRYEN, Senior Director of the Jewish Policy Center

  • Iran’s “control” of the land surrounding Israel
  • Is the U.S. “contributing” to attacks on Israel through the $6 billion given to Iran?
  • Does Israel have the ability to suppress Iran?
  • Is there a battle taking place over Mecca and Medina?

TREVOR LOUDON, Creator/Author, The Enemies Within (Documentary and Book) and Enemies Within the Church @TrevorLoudon1

  • New reports of Chinese nationals coming into the U.S. through its southern border
  • Is the Biden family “compromised” by the Chinese?
  • Who is Debra Haaland?
  • Is the U.S. Army War College being influenced by Marxism?