Secure Freedom Minute: The House Repudiates One ’Congenital Liar,’ Now Onto the Others


Finally, Rep. Adam Schiff has been held accountable for his serial lies to the American people, the costly investigations and impeachments they encouraged and the abuse of the power entrusted to him as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee that enabled both. 

As the late William Safire famously said of Hillary Clinton, Schiff is a “congenital liar.” His earlier removal from the Intel Committee and now his censure by the full House of Representatives fall far short of the expulsion such an utter lack of integrity actually warrants. 

But it is the least Congress can do and encourages hope for more of the same with respect to others in government – like Messrs. Biden, Garland and Majorkas – who have similarly betrayed the public trust by abusing their offices and the oath to support and defend the Constitution they took upon entering them. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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