Secure Freedom Minute: We Must Counter, Not Emulate, Communist China

Secure Freedom Minute

During Joe Biden’s “free stuff” speech to some of the Congress last night – in which he effectively promised a host of initiatives designed to fundamentally transform America along socialist, if not full-on Marxist, lines – the President characterized our relationship with the world’s exemplar of that model, Communist China, as a “competition.”

While the Commander-in-Chief whistles past the graveyard, nine of our nation’s four-star combatant commanders have sounded an alarm that the Chinese Communists, and their Russian strategic partners, are actually grave and growing threats. In a “36-star” letter to the intelligence community, they pleaded for more rapid declassification of the truth to inform American and allied publics.

The truth is that the Chinese Communist Party is waging an unrestricted “People’s War” against us. We ignore that reality, to say nothing of emulate their government-dominated system, at our freedoms’ extreme peril.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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