Secure Freedom Minute: We Must Stop Underwriting, and Encouraging, the CCP’s Bad Behavior


We may get a taste today of Xi Jinping’s new world order with Chinese characteristics from the UN Security Council’s presiding officer, PRC Foreign Minister Wang Yi. He memorably berated his hapless American counterpart, Secretary of State Tony Blinken, in Anchorage in March. Things probably won’t go much better this time around.

After all, the Chinese Communist Party has accompanied its growing military power and empire-building “Belt and Road Initiative” with so-called “Wolf Diplomacy.” This bullying has been encouraged by the Biden-Harris team’s reflexive appeasement of the CCP.

Especially concerning is the Administration’s backsliding on Donald Trump’s initiatives designed to prevent further underwriting of the Chinese Communists’ threatening activities by Wall Street, with the savings and investments of mostly unwitting Americans.

If you want more bad behavior from Beijing, all you need to do is reward it. We literally can’t afford either.

 This is Frank Gaffney.

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