Secure Freedom Minute: Where Are the Democrats on “Global Governance”?


Yesterday, twenty-four Republican governors became the latest officials to decry Joe Biden’s attempt to surrender our sovereignty and personal freedoms to an unprecedented global medical tyrant, the World Health Organization’s Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus. 
In recent weeks, twenty-two GOP attorneys general have done the same. As have every member of the Republican conference in the United States Senate. 
Several questions occur: Where are the Democrats? Are Republicans the only people who will be terribly impacted if two treaties that are scheduled to be rubber-stamped next week by the World Health Assembly are approved?
Are Republicans the only patriots who care about our freedoms and the Constitution that guarantees them? 
If not, now is the time for Democrats to join in a truly bipartisan rejection of the “global governance” gambit in prospect within days. 
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