With Guermantes “G-Man” Lailari, Rep. Bob Good and Elaine Donnelly

By Tim

GUERMANTES LAILARI, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force

  • Is there a connection between China and Hamas?
  • Various “parts” of China’s plan to achieve world dominance
  • Evidence of direct Chinese assistance to Hamas

REP. BOB GOOD, Representative (R-VA 5th District)

  • Does the Biden administration believe in American exceptionalism?
  • How “America First” has become a negative term
  • Damage done by world governments during the COVID pandemic

ELAINE DONNELLY, Founder and President for the Center for Military Readiness

  • Analyzing the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
  • What is missing from the first draft of the NDAA?
  • What can be done to combat “wokeism” in the military?