Secure Freedom Minute: Who Knew About Joe Biden’s ”Elite Capture”?


Natalie Winters is hands-down the best investigative journalist of her generation. True, very few of her contemporaries have anything approaching the experience, let alone the reportorial accomplishments, of the woman who is now, at twenty-something, the Executive Editor of Steve Bannon’s War Room.

Mostly Natalie stands out, however, for her relentless exposure of what the Chinese Communists call the “elite capture” of many of this country’s leaders in finance, business, the academy, Hollywood, the media and government. 

For example, on Tuesday she broke the story that the House Oversight Committee will reveal today its documentation of a million dollars in bribes paid by a Romanian oligarch while Joe Biden was Vice President.  

Obviously, Joe must go. The question that now deserves investigation, by both Natalie Winters and congressional committees, is who else in the Obama-Biden administration’s first two terms knew of his corruption?

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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