Secure Freedom Minute: Who’s Enabling the Jihadists in Sudan? The CCP, of Course


The long-suffering people of Sudan have lately been subjected to yet another round of barbaric oppression at the hands of Sharia-supremacist generals. This has gone on for decades with the exception of a recent, brief interlude when such officers promised a transition to civilian rule. 

The latest violence has been precipitated by a conflict between what amount to rival uniformed Mafia dons over who will next misrule the country. 

Mostly unnoted, however, is the enabler of the Sudanese jihadists – namely, the Chinese Communist Party. It has long worked with them to exploit Sudan’s vast oil deposits and otherwise supported those in Khartoum who – despite their profession of solidarity with fellow Muslims – are willing to work with Chinese deeply contemptuous of the people of Sudan and genocidally persecuting Uighur co-religionists in China. 

We must hold accountable the CCP and its friends.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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