Secure Freedom Minute: Why Your U.S. Senators Must Reject General C.Q. Brown


There’s a new meme showing President Biden congratulating Air Force Chief of Staff General C.Q. Brown on his selection as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The general is shown saying “In just three years, I reduced the U.S. Air Force from ‘marginal’ to ‘very weak.’” Biden asks, “Could you do it for the whole U.S. military?”

Sadly, it’s no joke. A webinar last Friday with four of America’s most formidable black patriots indicates that the answer is surely “Yes” if those two men can further ratchet up the devastating cultural Marxist takedown of our armed forces now well-underway. 

Your U.S. Senators will shortly be asked whether to confirm General Brown as America’s top military officer. The answer must be “No” if we are to be defended in these increasingly fraught times. Tell them so at

This is Frank Gaffney. 


For an excellent analysis of the Brown nomination, including findings about the plummeting military strength of  the U.S. Air Force on his watch as Chief of Staff, see:

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