Secure Freedom Minute: ”Will There be a Civil War?”


In a widely viewed interview last night, Tucker Carlson asked Donald Trump more than once: “Will there be a civil war?”

Mr. Trump deflected, simply noting that there’s a lot of “passion” and “hatred” out there. What’s also true is that Team Biden seems to be intent on inflaming those sentiments. 

For example: Biden’s administration is launching so-called COVID “protocols” involving renewed mandates for masks, lockdowns and mail-in ballots. Its Central Bank Digital Currency will allow government control of our money. And fourteen mostly Democratic-run cities plan to end consumption of meat and dairy products and ownership of private vehicles by 2030.   

President Biden’s proposed entrusting of our military to General C.Q. Brown, a man who believes the United States is a systematically racist country, raises the further question: Would the armed forces be weaponized to violently suppress prospective resistance? 

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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