Secure Freedom Minute: Will Your Representative Vote to “Fundamentally Transform” America?


A senior member of the House of Representatives recently warned that one of the most important threats our country faces is particularly ominous because so few Members of Congress are even aware it’s a present danger. Ditto still fewer of their constituents. 

The issue, buried in the voluminous appropriations legislation scheduled for adoption on March 22nd involves continued funding for the World Health Organization. Should the House concur, the stage will be set for the adoption in just sixty-six days of what amount to two treaties that will give the WHO’s Director-General the power to dictate our public health policy, crushing national sovereignty and medical freedom.  

If you want continued, limited, constitutional government – not the tyranny of unaccountable “global governance” now in prospect, instruct your representative today to say “No” to further funding of the World Health Organization at

This is Frank Gaffney.

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