Secure Freedom Minute: Xi’s Ominous ”New Chapter” with Putin


Today, Chinese emperor Xi Jinping visits Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Xi promises a “new chapter” in ties between the two countries. That’s ominous since the “chapter” they opened thirteen months ago in Beijing apparently greenlighted Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.  

In the intervening period, the Russians have – with China’s underwriting and arms – invaded and relentlessly destroyed Ukrainian territory, population centers and infrastructure. Aiding their victims has hugely distracted the West from addressing the growing Chinese threat and depleted our resources for countering it.  

This summit will likely greenlight new aggression by the Chinese Communist Party against Taiwan and us, perhaps with additional fronts opened by Xi’s puppets in Iran and North Korea.  

Memo to Vladimir: Better watch your back. It’s no accident, comrade, that the CCP just issued new maps giving Chinese names to eight eastern Russian cities.  

This is Frank Gaffney.  

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