With Capt. James Fanell, Peter Mcilvenna and Christine Douglasss-Williams

By Tim

CAPT. JAMES FANELL, Retired Intelligence Officer for the Indo-Pacific, US Navy, former National Security Affairs Fellow, Hoover Institute

  • An analysis of the recent meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin
  • A history of the military relationship between China and Russia
  • China’s increased military actions towards Taiwan

PETER MCILVENNA, National Organizer, Hearts of Oak

  • Implications of the death of Queen Elizabeth II
  • The energy crisis in the U.K.

CHRISTINE DOUGLASS-WILLIAMS, Nine-time international award-winning journalist and television producer, Former federally appointed Director, Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Former Appointee, Office of Religious Freedom in Foreign Affairs, Author, “The Challenge of Modernizing Islam”

  • The rise of Pierre Poilievre in Canada
  • An increase in support for conservative politicians in Canada
  • Massive protests taking place in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini