With Caroline Glick and Jonathan Emord


CAROLINE GLICK, Columnist, Israel Hayom, Author, “The Israeli Solution: A One State Plan for Peace in the Middle East,” Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy, Host, Caroline Glick’s Mideast News Hour, @CarolineGlick

Are the Biden administration’s policies in the best interest of the U.S. and Israel?
Antony Blinken’s recent trip to Israel
The Biden administration’s funding of the Palestinian Authority

JONATHAN EMORD, Constitutional law attorney and author of The Authoritarians: Their Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution, and Free Enterprise from the 19th Century to the Present (2021)

A brief history of “equal justice under law”
Various examples of abuses of power by the U.S. government
The need for the FBI and DOJ to be non-partisan
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