With Dr. Bradley Thayer, Dr. Mark Richards and Shoshana Bryen

By Tim

DR. BRADLEY THAYER, Director of CSP’s China Policy program

  • A preview of Xi Jinping and Joe Biden’s upcoming meeting
  • An “existential crisis” facing Xi Jinping
  • Is the U.S. intelligence community bandwidth “maxed out”?
  • The significance of San Francisco to the Chinese Communist Party

DR. MARK RICHARDS, Author, Nobody Wants You Healthy

  • The “money trail” around COVID-19 vaccines
  • Various medical issues plaguing America’s veterans

SHOSHANA BRYEN, Senior Director of the Jewish Policy Center

  • Is Hamas planning another “full-scale” attack on Israel?
  • What is Israel’s military goal in Gaza?
  • Antony Blinken’s comments on the Israel-Gaza war