With Grant Newsham, Elaine Donnelly and David Wurmser

By Tim

GRANT NEWSHAM, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy, Senior Research Fellow, Japan Forum for Strategic Studies, Contributor, Asia Times, @NewshamGrant:

  • Newsham Reacts to PM Shinzo Abe’s assassination
  • Will Japan pass new constitutional amendments to solidify their military?

ELAINE DONNELLY, Founder and President, Center for Military Readiness

  • Donnelly talks about “wokeness” in the US military
  • How Critical Race Theory hinders the military’s readiness

DAVID WURMSER, Director, Center for Security Policy’s Program on Global Anti-Semitism, Former Middle East Advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, retired, US Navy Reserves Lieutenant Commander, @Wurmserscribit

  • What is President Biden going to do during his visit to Israel?
  • Wurmser says that the U.S. has spent all its “currency” in the Middle East

CJCS meets with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  is licensed under CC BY 2.0