Secure Freedom Minute: A cynical declaration won’t stop the Iranian bomb


The U.S. and Israeli governments declared for the umpteenth time today that Iran will not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.  It ain’t necessarily so.

Israel’s Interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid is a leftist up for election. He’s happy to have a paper pretext not to act in the only way that will, at this point, prevent the mullahs from getting The Bomb at any time – namely, a full-scale assault on their nuclear weapons program.

President Biden is determined to prevent such an attack by Israel as his administration begs the Iranians to sign another bogus agreement forswearing taking that step.

The President’s promises to use all instruments of American power to prevent it may give unfounded hope to Israelis and others in the mullahs’ crosshairs. But its only practical effect will be to run out the clock on the preemption option.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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