With Grant Newsham, Michael Rectenwald and Dr. Stephen Bryen


GRANT NEWSHAM, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy, Senior Research Fellow, Japan Forum for Strategic Studies, Contributor, Asia Times, @NewshamGrant

What is the “objective” of Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party?
Can the U.S. and China exist together in the eyes of the CCP?
Why is the U.S. establishment “clueless” about the threat from China?
The continuing “invasion” of our southern border

MICHAEL RECTENWALD, Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer, American Scholars, Author, “Thought Criminal,” “Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom” and “Beyond Woke,” former New York University Professor, Liberal Studies, @antipcnyuprof

Are Chinese students in America aware of China’s history?
How the Chinese government trains its people to “ignore China’s flaws”
The World Economic Forum’s strong relationship with China

STEPHEN BRYEN, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy

The new importance of drones in warfare around the world
An update on the Ukraine-Russia war
Why is the Air Force determined to get rid of the A-10 from its arsenal?
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