With Rep. John Moolenaar, Lunelle Siegel and Preston Noell

By Tim

REP. JOHN MOOLENAAR, Representative, MI 4th District

  • Issues with the Chinese company Gotion operating in Michigan
  • What is Gotion’s connection to the Chinese Communist Party?
  • An amendment propose by Rep. Moolenaar to restrict Chinese companies operating in the U.S.
  • How Xi Jinping has taken a “dramatically different” approach to China compared to previous rulers

LUNELLE SIEGEL, Defend Arlington Coalition

  • A background history of Arlington National Cemetery
  • Controversy over a certain memorial at Arlington National Cemetery

PRESTON NOELL, President – Tradition, Family, Property Inc. (TFP)

  • What does TFP stand for?
  • A “revolution” aimed at destroying the Catholic church
  • What is “liberation theology”?