Secure Freedom Minute: Did ”World Leaders” Just Greenlight a Global ”Digital Gulag”?


They’re baaaack. The Chinese Communist Party, elements of the U.S. government and assorted other globalists doing business as the World Health Organization who created and/or murderously mismanaged the response to the Wuhan virus want the power to do even worse in the future.

Now, as the Biden administration signals it will reestablish mask mandates, compulsory “vaccinations” and other restrictions on our movements, speech, assembly, etc., the WHO is inexorably acquiring the authority to compel such tyranny in the name of “pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.” 

Most recently, on Wednesday – unbeknownst to the American people and with nary a single vote from so-called “world leaders” gathered at the United Nations – the WHO’s Director-General proclaimed that a “political declaration” has greenlighted a “comprehensive global health emergency architecture” that amounts to a Digital Gulag. 

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