With Steven Mosher, Brandon Trosclair and Peter Huessy

By Tim

STEVEN MOSHER, President, Population Research Institute, Author, “Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to the World,” @StevenWMosher

  • A “multidimensional” crisis in China
  • How the CCP is destroying China’s economy
  • Are senior members of the CCP starting to turn against Xi Jinping?
  • Analyzing the reported numbers of China’s population
  • Would China use nuclear weapons against the U.S.?

BRANDON TROSCLAIR, Candidate, Louisiana Secretary of State

  • Issues with the voting system in the state of Louisiana
  • Can elections in Louisiana be audited?
  • What is being proposed to alleviate these voting problems?

PETER HUESSY, Senior fellow at Hudson Institute

  • Comparing China’s ICBM arsenal to the U.S.
  • Why is China building up their nuclear weapons program?
  • Does the United States posses a proper nuclear deterrent?
  • The need to upgrade the United States’ missile defense systems