Secure Freedom Minute: A Sea-Going Sodom and Gomorrah Invites Pearl Harbor 2.0


On what may be the eve of a devastating shooting-war with the Chinese Communist Party, the Biden Pentagon is simultaneously demoralizing those in uniform and emboldening the enemy.

A new U.S. Navy marketing campaign, supposedly aimed at young Americans, features a cross-dressed male sailor beckoning them to enlist. The message is: a once-squared-away military service is now a sea-going Sodom and Gomorrah.  

Such a “fundamental transformation” has been a goal throughout Obama-Biden’s three terms since it not only targets a bedrock of our national security, but one that’s long exemplified the best of our national traditions and values. 

If such radical social engineering of our armed forces results in our defeat, it will be proof positive that the wrecking operation inflicted by those “doing business as Joe Biden” is not just harming our country. It’s benefiting the President’s masters in Beijing.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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