Secure Freedom Minute: A Smoking Gun, at Last – Joe Will Go


The federal bureaucracy’s heretofore impenetrable cone of silence that has protected Joe Biden from prosecution for serial betrayals of his office and our country has now been breached by a whistleblower from the Internal Revenue Service. Thank God!

In a joint letter issued yesterday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comey and a veteran of myriad dogged investigations, Sen. Chuck Grassley, declare this IRS veteran’s evidence to be “highly credible” concerning then-Vice President Joe Biden’s receipt of money from a foreign national in “exchange for policy decisions.”  

The FBI has known about this for some time, and its notoriously willfully blind Director, Christopher Wray, has now been subpoenaed by Congressman Comer. While we must expect more skullduggery as the “administrative state” and its partisan allies try to slow-roll or otherwise cover for Biden, one thing now seems increasingly clear: Joe will go.  

This is Frank Gaffney

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