Secure Freedom Minute: Can We Get Our Senate Back?


Legend has it that, in ancient Rome, a mad emperor named Caligula marked the decline of its once-powerful Senate by making his horse a legislator. Today, the free-fall of the U.S. Senate is evident in the now-permitted slovenly attire of a mentally challenged senator. 

Far worse is mounting evidence that the Senate is no longer doing its job. For example, Senator Ron Johnson recently sought to require Senate approval as a treaty of any forthcoming World Health Organization accord that would destroy U.S. sovereignty. His amendment was voted down. 

And Senators just allowed a general involved in the disastrous surrender of Afghanistan, who has hollowed out the Air Force and believes America is a systemically racist nation to become Joint Chiefs Chairman. 

We need a Senate that is a real check on Joe Biden’s wrecking operation. Can we get it back?

This is Frank Gaffney.

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