Secure Freedom Minute: Eric Swalwell is a National Security Risk


Congressman Eric Swalwell’s betrayal of his country through a Chinese Communist Party gambit known in espionage   tradecraft as a “honey trap” is reportedly the subject of a steamy, classified intelligence community report about his sexual relations with a PRC spy fabulously named “Fang Fang.” editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow told Tucker Carlson last night that it details the “deep penetration inside”  Swalwell’s operation by Chinese intelligence.

Hopefully, classification is being applied in this case not to protect a congressional overseer from further public humiliation, but because the report assesses the very real prospect that Swalwell is still being run, albeit more discretely, by handlers in China’s Ministry of State Security.

Either way, it’s completely unacceptable that Eric Swalwell continues to have access to our nation’s most sensitive secrets. He must be stripped of his Intelligence Committee membership immediately.  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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