Secure Freedom Minute: Let’s ”Focus” on Why ”Joe Must Go”


Fresh from his pathetic impersonation of a representative of America’s vital national interests in Beijing last week, Secretary of State Tony Blinken appeared on Sunday morning TV shows to comment on tumultuous events in Russia over the last few days. His message was: The Biden administration is “focused on Ukraine.” 

In fact, Blinken slavishly adhered to what was clearly his main authorized talking point by repeating it ludicrously. No wonder his international interlocutors – and most especially the Chinese Communist ones – treat him with such contempt. 

If Team Biden has nothing to say about the import of the short-lived, but portentous, Russian mutiny besides “Look over there, folks,” at least our countrymen and women ought to be encouraged to “focus” on the fresh evidence that President Biden has personally taken money from Chinese intelligence officers – and repeatedly lied about it. 

Joe must go.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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