Secure Freedom Minute: No Drill – The CCP is Preparing for Kinetic War


One of the most difficult tasks for U.S. intelligence is anticipating what our country’s enemies are going to do next. The Taliban’s overrunning of Kabul, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Communist China’s biological warfare attack called COVID-19 are recent examples of nasty surprises.

Our national security agencies seem no better prepared to forecast the next shoe to drop: namely, military action by the Chinese Communist Party against Taiwan, our other friends and allies in region or even U.S. assets, personnel and territory. The party line seems to be that we needed not worry about such a threat for two or more years.

One of America’s foremost China experts, Gordon Chang, however, points out that publicly available evidence is accumulating that the Chinese are actively preparing for war. This appears to be no drill, and we cannot afford to be surprised again.


This is Frank Gaffney.

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