Secure Freedom Minute: Say ”No” to the Digital Gulag


The noose is tightening on freedom in America. Team Biden has been stealthily working to give the World Health Organization sweeping powers to unilaterally declare here “public health emergencies of international concern” – and dictate how we’ll respond. 

The WHO is the global entity that insisted on our locking down, masking up and jabbing with inadequately tested so-called “vaccines” during the COVID pandemic.

To help enforce its edicts, the WHO wants to require universal digital identification cards like those used in Communist China’s totalitarian “social credit system.” 

Incredibly, the U.S. Senate recently agreed such arrangements could be imposed on us without its approval. Worse, it may soon adopt legislation requiring us to get digital IDs before the WHO does.

Either way, we’re headed for a Digital Gulag – unless we say “No.” Find out how you can do that at

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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