Secure Freedom Minute: SFM Joe Biden Has Not Stood with Israel


Joe Biden insists the U.S. stands with Israel – and we must. But, as with Ukraine, he invited this war by not standing with the target of aggression before it happens. 

Indeed, Biden has relentlessly undermined Israel since taking office. Until last month, he refused to meet with her leader. He’s encouraged Palestinian ambitions by: restoring funding that supports terrorists and their families; undermining the Abraham accords; and interfering with – not facilitating – a peace accord with Saudi Arabia. 

Team Biden emptied an emergency weapons stockpile Israel desperately needs now. And worst of all, it’s empowered the Iranian regime behind the murderous attack on Israel by Hamas – and much worse in prospect from Hezbollah, Syria and the mullahs, themselves.  

The blood of Israelis is on Joe Biden’s hands. Are his disastrous policies inviting additional catastrophes in the Western Pacific, and possibly here next?

This is Frank Gaffney.

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