Secure Freedom Minute: Stealthily Propping Up the CCP Again is Treason


A Chinese Communist Party that has bought American “elites” is reaping now a huge return on that investment. A chilling webinar yesterday shows Team Biden and other “friends” of China are scrambling to save that mortal enemy from possibly imminent financial disaster. 

For example, Biden has lately effectively enabled further, reckless technology transfers to China by issuing a deceptively limited executive order and then by renewing a bilateral accord that facilitates sharing with Beijing the fruits of American science and technology. 

For its part, Wall Street is pretending there’s no reason to cut its clients’ potentially immense losses in China by an urgent sell-off. To the contrary, it’s promoting further, vast investments there via two new IPOs.

Stealthily propping up the CCP as it works feverishly to undermine the dollar and prepares for a shooting war is nothing short of treason. 

This is Frank Gaffney.


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