Secure Freedom Minute: The Financial War with China is Escalating


Our financial war with China is escalating. The Securities and Exchange Commission finally required actual audits of Chinese Communist Party companies in U.S. capital markets. And China’s counterpart to Uber known as Didi became the first to delist here. Beijing expects, however, that its “old friends” on Wall Street will still invest Americans’ money in such problematic corporations when they re-list in Hong Kong.

Consumers’ Research recently warned ten governors about their state pension plans’ exposure to risky Chinese companies. It observes that Larry Fink’s “BlackRock loves China” and invests there without due regard for U.S. investor protection, human rights values or national security interests.

If you don’t want that done with your money, view the extraordinary webinar our Committee on the Present Danger: China just posted at Then sign its petition urging President Biden to end this practice.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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